It’s not always about us.

Truth is, we do not shop only within our own store! Here’s one of my recent Swedish obsession: Superfront.


From handles, legs, to your cabinet finishing, Superfront designs and tailors super upgrades for your already existing IKEA furniture (namely BESTÅ sideboards to Metod or Faktum kitchens). This allows you to customise boldly, at the same time, giving your old furniture a new lease on life.


Fronts all come with a wide variety of colors and patterns. (Image via Pinterest)

And we’re not finished with oggling its perfection and brilliance.

Screenshot 2016-02-28 13.06.29

Designer shoes for your furniture? YES PLEASE. (Screenshot via

Screenshot 2016-02-28 13.09.52.png

This marks the end of ugly-handles era. (Screenshot via

Color changes the style and mood of your interior setting. (Images via Pinterest.)


The sideboard of our dreams. (Image via Pinterest)

So what are we waiting for? Superfront ships internationally. 🙂


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