10 Things NOT To Do For The Lunar New Year

Dong dong dong chiang! Well, it’s Lunar New Year (or Chinese New Year a.k.a. CNY), where people regurgitate all the standard greeting phrases to the 1/365 (those that you meet 1 day in a year) relatives. Some of you may still be receiving red packets, some of you will be giving them away for the first time, and some of you may be M.I.A. for certain reasons we don’t want to know about. There are many practices we should be aware of during CNY, such as not wearing black, not doing any sweeping, amongst other stuff. Regardless of your status, age and gender, let’s look at some things you definitely should NOT do during the festive period (or ever).

  1. Hide in the toilet and check how much is in your red packet.

    If you get caught, you’ll be blackmarked for the next few CNYs.

  2. Ask questions like “When are you getting married/having a child/having a second child etc”.

    Well, it IS a personal question, isn’t it? Let’s move on.


  3.  Over-indulge in one particular snack while visiting.

    I know that Bee Cheng Hiang bak-kwa was recently voted the best in Singapore, but come on – play nice and let all your other relatives and friends have a bite, too. Too much of a good thing usually isn’t very good for you.


  4. Trying to avoid giving red packets.

    Times are bad. But like Christmas, it’s the spirit of giving that we’re sorely missing now.


  5. Asking for a red packet back when you realised you’ve given the wrong one.

    “Let it go, let it go…” Just make sure you don’t repeat the mistake.

  6. Transform into the God of Gamblers during the CNY period.

    It’s a big mistake trying to win all your friends’ red packet money… or worse, losing all of your own to them.


  7. Be a show-off.

    It’s CNY, not X-Factor or Singapore Idol.

  8. Staying in your Batcave when you have visitors.

    Multiplayer games cannot be paused, so why not give that game a break, go out, and socialise instead?


  9. Letting noise levels go out of hand (especially late at night).

    It may be festive season, but please know that you have neighbours and everyone’s tolerance to noise is different.

  10. Last, but not least, don’t drink and drive.

    Self-explanatory. Keep safe, be responsible and enjoy your CNY!

We will also take this opportunity to update everyone on our operational hours during the Lunar New Year period:

Lunar New Year Eve (Sunday): 12pm-5pm
Lunar New Year Day 1-2 (Monday & Tuesday): Closed
Lunar New Year Day 3 onwards (Wednesday onwards): 12pm-8pm

Mondays Off wishes everyone a happy Lunar New Year!


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