Twenty Sixteen

2015-08-24 ilovebook20164841

Visually, time seems to pass even faster. (Pic via Marjolein Delhaas.)

Two days more before 2016 comes around, and a lot of us will make that error of writing 2015 as the year, or even worse, tearing the wrong year on your parking coupon.

With the new year comes great resolutions, and it is always jarring to look at your own resolutions set for the current year, and realised that you did absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to achievement. Oh, the horror.

To be entirely honest, I did manage to achieve 1 out of 3 resolutions set for 2015, which is to exercise at least once a week. That is, if exercise means exerting strength and perspiration, I’m pretty sure that’s more than once a week.

In 2016, my resolution is to write a book and get it published. I figured that since I know absolutely nothing about writing and publishing a book, one resolution should suffice.

Why write a book?

Some people spend most of their lives figuring what they are good at, and I happen to be one of them. I spent the good part of my student life and early career trying to fit into social circles, and not having a clue about knowing my strengths and putting it to good use. For the past 5 years, I began to question myself: What was I good at?

I’ve had family and friends who occasionally enjoy some of the stuff I’ve written, whether it is a short musing on Facebook, some of the formal email replies that I helped them with, or even the posts from this blog. They never failed to let me know that I had decent ability to write, and my usual riposte was “never thought about it”, followed by a nonchalant shrug.

Perhaps it’s time for me to act on it now after giving it some serious consideration.

How’s your 2016 going to be like?



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