Dear Diary…

Before the world of technology gave us blogs, many of us used to keep a diary. Some of us record special events, pen down thoughts and musings, or even sketch in it. In many ways, a diary became a personal collection of your life – and you know no other diary would be the same as yours, for the life you live is unique.

The contents of my past diaries continuously evolve – entries full of ramblings and generic angst against the world were the mainstays of my adolescent years. Then in my twenties, it was filled with sweet nothings and ridiculously funny poems about the one(s) that got away. Nowadays, I use them to write short stories about my own life, how I viewed the world and occasionally, songs and lyrics when I was inspired.

What’s your story?

2015-08-24 ilovebook20164745

The 2016 Basic Diary from Marjolein Delhaas.
(Image via Marjolein Delhaas)

Introducing the diary from Marjolein Delhaas. It’s time to go old school for 2016.

Preorder now at at 49SGD. Available in 3 colours (Kraft Nomad Tan, Black & Natural White). Free shipping for Singapore addresses.


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