Top Ten Songs For Chores

I’m not really sure what is the percentage of people who do their own chores nowadays – laundry, ironing and general cleaning of their homes. I guess Barney Stinson would say about 83% of the population have maids or part-time cleaners, but I’m sure he has no interest whatsoever in that topic.

I, for one, do everything on my own, and I admit – it is a tough and thankless job (thanks Mom, for the many years of sacrifice). My mother would do her chores while watching TV, while I unwillingly proved, time and again, that males cannot multi-task. However, I absolutely cannot get past 5 minutes without accompaniment of some background noise of some sort, and I turned to music. This is painfully true when it comes to ironing/steaming clothes. Even after I purchased a clothes steamer, it is still very mundane (that’s why they are called chores), and I need good music to make life easier.

Here are my top ten songs while doing chores (in no particular order):

1. Beautiful Ones – Suede

(Image via

(Image via

There’s something about Brett Anderson’s near androgynous voice and that upbeat rhythm of this mid 90’s classic that makes ironing your clothes almost a fun thing to do.

2. Money For Nothing – Dire Straits

(Image via Youtube)

(Image via Youtube)

It’s hard to believe that this song was released in 1985 when I was just only 2 years old. I first heard the legendary guitar riff and that signature Sting’s falsetto from my father when he was still young enough to rock out. Money For Nothing became known for its breakthrough music video in an era when not everyone could afford a TV. It is one of the songs that keeps my energy and mood up, just enough for me to do my chores for nothing and get my chick wife for free.

3. Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

(Image via

(Image via

Oh Freddie… Mr. Fahrenheit himself wouldn’t stop himself if he could. As the lyrics go, this song helps me finish my chores at the speed of light. No, not really. Still, a high tempo song by Queen won’t go wrong.

4. Hey Boy Hey Girl – Chemical Brothers

“Hey boy… Hey girl… Superstar DJs… Here we go!” No one told me not to pay attention to the lyrics when it comes to electronica/EDM/techno/whatever. I remember laughing my buttocks off when I first heard the song. Then it hit. That beat got me into a trance and before I knew it, I had finished ironing 5 pieces of clothes.

5. Birch Tree – Foals

(Image via

(Image via

I have been listening to Foals a great deal thanks to Gene, our ex-intern who has since left us to pursue her studies in South Korea. She always had awesome taste in music, and it is a SUPER rare trait to be found in the young ones these days. Birch Tree is one of my favourite with that catchy chorus and guitar picking.

6. Friday I’m In Love – The Cure

(Image via

(Image via

Granted that this song won’t make you fall in love with your chores, but it does help to make a little bit more bearable, with it’s teenybopper lyrics delivered by a rock band.

7. Kashmir – Led Zeppelin

(Image via flickr)

(Image via flickr)

Maybe it’s that repeating ascending musical scale that is so hypnotic that I lose track of my fatigue and just keep on going until I finish what I’m doing. After you’re done with it, finish off with Stairway To Heaven – I believe after a hard day’s work you’re already halfway there.

8. Fire – Kasabian

(Image via

(Image via

There was once I was singing along to the chorus which goes: “I’m on fiiiiiiiirrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee…………………..” and then ironically proceeding to burn myself with the clothes steamer. Also, those of you who watch English Football will find this song familiar.

9. You Are A Tourist – Death Cab For Cutie

(Image via

(Image via

Apart from the guitar riff which I find rather lovely, don’t we all feel like a tourist in our own country every now and then? The band’s frontman, Ben Gibbard sings “When there is a burning in your heart” quite a few times in the song which makes me think about my plans for the future. Yes – while I’m doing my chores.

10. Just Can’t Get Enough – Depeche Mode

It only take you less than 30 seconds into the song before you’ll be singing along “I just can’t get enough, I just can’t get enough…”. When the song ends you’ll realise that you’ll try to talk yourself into not getting enough housework. Snap out of it, it’s a BIG, FAT, LIE!!!

BONUS SONG : Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

6 minutes of lyrical medicine for your wretched soul, tarnished by all that house chores that you’ve completed. Give yourself a pat on the back and have a beer, mate.

You can follow my playlist “Joel Essentials” on Spotify, or “76 Haji Lane” if you want to enjoy the songs we play at Mondays Off.

What other songs do you listen to when you’re doing something mundane (yet important)? Share it in the comments!

Love, J


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