Where’s Your Favourite Corner?

It’s that one place at home that you derive positive energy – a place of tranquility and peace. Everyone has their favourite corner of their own home. A private space that they feel most comfortable in, and impervious to the troubles of the world. Where’s yours?

The view is a big plus for me when I retreat into my shell.

The view is a big plus for me when I retreat into my shell.

The balcony is where I spend a lot of time at. I’ll sit and grab a good book, have my morning coffee while listening to the rhythmic rustlings of the potted plants. Mixed with the consistent sound of water from the pool downstairs, I enter a state of concentration and focus. By the time I finish my coffee, I would have done up my to-do list, have rough ideas for future projects and energised myself for the day (part of it is due to the coffee, I admit).

By night, this special corner transforms itself into a social space – one that caters to my extroverted side. I would sit with my wife and have my customary beer or a glass of whiskey and talk about everything – the past, the present and the future, while appreciating the night breeze. If we have visitors or friends over, we would be chilling around the round mini-coffee table and share our ridiculously funny stories and escapades.

Caring for my 3 potted plants on the balcony is also kind of a soothing experience. I don’t go so far as to talk and sing to my plants, but the idea of not killing keeping them well, trimming them and seeing new leaves sprout seemed very satisfying.

Tell us which part of your home is your favourite in the comments section.

Cheers, J


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