There’s Something About… IKEA (Part 2)

Last week I shared why IKEA is the numero uno go-to store for your home needs. They have smartly combined classic Scandinavian design, brilliant concepts and solutions, affordable pricing and clever marketing ads – very well rounded indeed. You can read about my reasons why I love IKEA in this post.

There are a gazillion products and series they offer, that it is almost incredible how I managed to pick out 10 of my most favourite items and must-buys. With much contemplation, here it is.

J’s Top Ten Must-Buys From IKEA

1. BILLY Bookcase From $59-$887

The BILLY series is a flexible storage system that you can customise to your requirements and storage needs. IKEA Hacks shows many remarkable variations of BILLY’s usage. I use them to store my wife’s countless heels and other footwear.

2. HILVER Table $199

This bamboo table is not the cheapest study table option in IKEA, but I absolutely love the modern minimalist appeal of bamboo. Not to mention that bamboo is an exceptionally durable and tough material that makes it worth your every dollar.

(Image via Pinterest.)

(Image via Pinterest.)

3. SAMLA Boxes From $3-$21

Organising your stuff can be a painful process, and SAMLA boxes really make life easier as they are transparent and this means you can find your things way much easier. I use the small boxes for keeping stationery, unused wires/cables and small tools, and the mediums sized ones for clothes. The large option is also useful for storing all your kid’s toys.

4. MARIUS Stools $6.50

It’s always nice to have some spare sitting options when you have visitors. The MARIUS stools are an affordable choice for the dining and balcony areas, or just casual seating.

5. SILLERUP Rug $199

Rugs are a good way to add some colour and character to your living or bedroom. If you have kids or pets, or you just don’t want to overspend on an expensive Middle Eastern oriental rug, the SILLERUP rug is an excellent buy. Oh, remember to add in the LYNAS doormats (from $5.90) too for good measure.

(Image via Pinterest.)

(Image via Pinterest.)

6. LJUDA Placemats $3.90

Having placemats on your kitchen counter top or dining table is a splendid way of protecting them from heat, scratches and spills that will stain or damage the surface. I picked the LJUDA placemats because of the price… and it’s monochrome.

7. KNIPPE Clothes Stand $29.90

Having a clothes stand will ensure your clothes are hung nicely in the corner and not on your bed. The KNIPPE clothes stand is sturdy, no-frills and does the job while its metallic design will go well with almost any bedroom.

(Image via Pinterest.)

(Image via Pinterest.)

8. BEKVAM Step Stool $24.90 / BOLMEN $7.90

Unless you are a titan, you’ll need step stool to access those hard to reach cupboards. The wooden BEKVAM step stool is hardy, while BOLMEN gives you more flexibility in use (I use the BOLMEN for sitting down in the balcony to trim my plants, or when I don’t feel like sitting on my sofa).

9. SKUBB Laundry Bag $14.90 / SPRUTT Basket $5.90 for 2

I use SKUBB to store my clean laundry, and SPRUTT for dirty clothes. SPRUTT does not have any metal frames and is sturdy enough, so you won’t have to worry about rust staining your clothes or the basket toppling over when it’s overloaded.

(Image via Pinterest.)

(Image via Pinterest.)

10. SVALKA Wine Glasses $1.90 Each

Wine connoisseurs will probably give me some stick for this – but I’ll drink wine from a whiskey glass if I have to. Thankfully, SVALKA glasses are so affordable that I don’t have to burn my pocket just to enjoy a glass of wine at home.

BONUS ITEM – FRAKTA Carrier Bag $0.90 Each

The toughest and most useful recyclable bags you will ever find and need. They are useful for visits to the supermarket or if you need to transport other stuff. And it’s only 90 cents. Reduce, reuse and recycle, people.


FRAKTA bag for gardening and plants. Why not?
(Image via

Let me know which other items from IKEA that you think is a must-buy, and leave your comments!

Love, J

All information and price taken from, accurate as of 19/10/2015.


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