There’s Something About… IKEA. (Part 1)

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We all heard the usual “everything falls apart within 2 years” gripe from everyone who has had a piece of IKEA furniture before. Yet it is always the go-to place for first time home owners, and those who want a quick replacement/addition to their home fixtures. What is it exactly, that makes people go back time and again? What makes them special that they remain at the top of our minds for furniture? I seek to find the reasons behind this love-hate (most of the time, it’s love) relationship with the Swedish brand.

1. Affordable
Let’s face it – we all go to IKEA because it doesn’t tear a hole in our pockets to acquire furniture of reasonable quality and style. Affordable doesn’t mean cheap. They have kept their stuff competitively priced yet within reach for the everyday man.

2) Creative Ads
Who can ever forget THAT advert? In 2014, IKEA famously trolled Apple with this humourous advert that left us all in awe and stitches.


(From Youtube – IKEA Singapore)

3) Cool Sounding Product Names You Can Never Pronounce
Apart from their BILLY bookcase storage, I pretty much can’t pronounce their product names, which is cool. A guy took this one step further though, and created endless puns to irritate his girl. AI-KAY-AH or EE-KAY-AH? Think toh-may-to vs toh-mah-to. Heck, IKEA isn’t even a proper Scandinavian word. It is an acryonym that consists of the initials of Ingvar Kamprad (the founder), Elmtaryd (the farm where he grew up), and Agunnaryd (his hometown).
(Sources from Wikipedia)

(From Youtube – Simon Gilmore)

4) Hackable
This one is for those of you who have their creative juices running overtime. IKEA Hackers shows you how to use the plain vanilla pieces from IKEA to create your own DIY solution for your home. It contains a whole smorgasbord of hacks that you never thought possible.

5) Showroom Styling
Don’t you just adore that kitchen (refer to the first image on this page), and everything else that comes along with it? It’s a smart move on their visual merchandising efforts that brings singular items together to form a collective style and feel to attract shoppers, and we get hooked all the time.

6) Just Follow The Arrows
Never get lost in the store again. The store navigation system is subtle yet effective – it makes sure you go through what IKEA has to offer once you step in, without the feeling of being forced. Most of the time, we’ll end up with a purchase.

7) It’s Scandinavian
What is there not to like about Scandinavian stuff? Keeping it simple with focus on functionality never ever fails. It makes your space look exquisite without you feeling destitute.

8) Meatballs (& Chicken Wings)
Many years ago, IKEA was just a place to get affordable furniture. And that’s about it. Today they have a cafe that serves delicious meatballs and chicken wings so you can take a break, fill up your stomach and shop for more. I’m having the cravings just thinking of it.

9) The Play Area
As a child, I was stoked to know that my parents were going to visit IKEA. That’s because I know they will dump put me at the children’s play area while they shop. When I recently passed by the play area while shopping, it brought back many awesome memories for me.

10) Everything You Possibly Need For Your Home Is There
IKEA has accomplished and established itself as one stop shop for your home needs. Their collection of products is immense, and it’ll take someone quite brilliant to point out something they don’t have.

So there we have it. My take on why IKEA has always held a space in our hearts and our homes. Feel free to share your reasons why IKEA is awesome in the comments. In our next post, we will share the top ten stuff from IKEA that you should definitely get.


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