Starter Kit For A New Home

Filling up the empty spaces is the fun part. But first, you got to have the essentials. Image via Pinterest.

Filling up the empty spaces is the fun part. But first, you gotta have the essentials. (Photo via Pinterest.)

The last few months have been filled with much activity – one of them being moving into my brand new home. A place I can finally call my own. As a first time home owner, I realised that there were so many things to do upon collecting the keys, and there is a slight sense of panic mixed with sweet excitement.

Before you go into checking for defects, making decisions on your interior designs or buying your furniture, you have gotta have these few essential items when all that stands between ceiling and floor is you and your echo.

This is my starter kit for new homes:

  1. Insectide
    Trust me – there will always be some creepy crawlies inhabiting the dark spaces, and you will want to be prepared.
  2. Rags & Trash Bags
    Get some old rags for your clean up. You can throw them away after all major clean ups are done and use new cleaning cloths for daily cleaning and maintenance.
  3. Toilet Paper / Tissues
    When you gotta go, you gotta go.
  4. Bottles of Drinking Water
    You probably don’t have your utilities activated during your first week, and it’s good to stay hydrated.
  5. Battery Operated Lamp or Torch
    If your cleaning goes into OT, or you just wanna hang around to appreciate the night view from your home for the first time, it’ll be good to have a light source.
  6. Dry/Wet Mop, Broom and Pail
    Read Housekeeping 101 – The Bread & Butter of Housekeeping.
  7. Basic Toolbox & Measuring Tape
    You’ll probably won’t need any tools yet, but according to Jeremy Clarkson, you really don’t know when you’ll need that hammer.
  8. Multi Surface Cleaner
    New doesn’t mean no stains. Cif Cream became my best friend for about a month or so.
  9. First Aid Kit
    The moment I felt this was useless, I cut myself.
  10. Step Ladder
    You’ll need this, unless you’re 7’2.
    Bonus Item: Stool
    It’s good to have a stool to sit on while you’re taking a break from cleaning.

I hope my starter kit is useful for those of you young couples that are moving into your new home, and that you won’t be as lost as I was when I moved into mine. With these items, you’ll be better prepared and will save your forehead some smacking when you realised you forgot something.



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