The Daily Essential Tag

Outfit – Watch

My three years old Casio watch was a gift from my Dad. Besides loving its simplicity and practicality, I always feel a sense of assurance wearing it.

Public Transport – iPod Touch

To escape from the suffocating morning/evening crowds and get pumped up before work.

Website – Youtube

This takes over television. I love catching up shows and videos over the weekends.

Beverage – Lemon Water

Pop a slice of lemon into the water and enjoy freshness for the entire day! Drinking it daily helps to detoxify your blood, aid digestion and boost immune system with Vitamin C.

Lazy Days – Glasses

Days when I just couldn’t be bothered waking up a few minutes earlier to dress up or even wear my contact lens. That is another way to cover up my heavy eye bags.

Night Out – Hairspray


Keeping a short hair is not as easy as you think. I style with extra hairspray to keep my hair away from my face for a fresher look.

Travel – Pouch

Medication pouch that contains lip balm, plasters, alcohol swabs, Panadol and Po Chai pills. Tummy upsets and colds are the common illnesses when you are unfamiliar with the weather and local food hygiene.

Ultimate Essential – Bobby Pins

As I believe that hairstyling makes the biggest difference to how you look, one should discover hairstyles that suit your face shape. I like to keep strands of hair completely off my face to focus better on my daily work. Looking presentable also makes you feel confident about yourself!

What are some of your essential items in your daily life?


Yi Wen


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