The New Hobby

New year resolutions do not work for many of us, so why not start on a simple project? Here are some hobbies you can pick up to make 2015 more enriching!



Smartphones have allowed everyone to carry a decent camera wherever we go. Many free photography apps are available for users to filter, crop or make photo collage. It does not matter what object it has to be. Documenting your every day life is a great way to remind yourself how you have accomplished obstacles and celebrated eventful happenings. In fact, Facebook has a feature called Year in Review, collating all your significant moments in an album at the end of every year. If you are interested in film photography, check out our previous post here. With a camera already in your hands, why not start now?

Pick up a new language


Have a particular interest in a new culture? Learn their language! Being multilingual brings you more benefits than you think. While understanding new forms of sentence structure, vocabulary and grammar, you are boosting brain power and deterring against Alzheimer’s disease. You get to broaden your career potential for acquiring an extra skill.



Turn the daily task into your hobby! Make it a weekly activity to do with your children, or a date with your spouse. Whip up some simple dishes for dinner tonight. After all, it’s the company that makes up the dining experience. Check out our version of home cook meals here!



Light up your working environment with some greens. Terrariums are easy to plant as it requires little water to grow. Placed in jars, they are visually pleasing to have on your desk. Come down to Mondays Off to get few of these awesome plants!



Dropping your excess changes into donation tin box is definitely not as satisfying to personally give out free food to the elderly living alone. Spend a couple of weekends doing good through voluntary work. Check out the current events at SG Cares, or you can hold a project to gather help! Give 3 hours of your time to the community and return with happiness for the entire day.

May 2015 be an exciting and fruitful year for you!!


Yi Wen


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