Kids room made easy

Putting a kids room together? Here’s 5 looks I love plus a where-to-buy guide to get the look.


Lovely shelf for the children’s clothing and toys to lay around. What I love about this look is the mixture of the posters between illustration and type.

How-to: Odd number prints, 3 or 5 preferably. Restrict the colors, choose 3 colors max. between the graphics of the posters and the frames.
Get the Look: ABC Print all the way from one of my favourite German brands, SNUG studio.
For cutesy kid-friendly dreamy quote printables, here’s one of the best, Printable Wall Story.


Camping indoors? Kids tents are getting really popular these days, its a great way to  cosy up inside and read a bed time story together. Not forgetting storage, these lego brick boxes…I  mean what can say, they are an absolute winner! Stacking up kids toys is a great space-saving idea, not forgetting a fun way to get the kids to pack.

Get the look: Interested to get handy? Follow this blogpost with DIY instructions to construct a fabulous tent. For fabrics, IKEA has a wide range of cute and affordable fabrics to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Oh yes, visit John Lewis for the lego block storage, alternatively they are also available on Amazon.


A corner for the baby, a corner for the parent. Can I just say, this is one of the most stylish baby’s room I’ve ever seen. This is a great example to build textures using different floor mats, playing on color and shapes.

How to: Still having black and white as the base color, adding accents would enhance the aesthetics much more.

Get the Look: You’ve probably seen it in alot of Swedish styled rooms, perfect in any corner, the Andy Warhol quote posters are available at Moderna Museet store. Got to love the Lapin Lamp by Bodie and Fou, a one-stop shop for all things beautiful. Not forgetting the Lapin Lamp is standing on my favourite DLM side table by Hay, available at Grafunkt.


Alittle mix and match makes this complete. In the midst of all the structure, play on having items around to soften the look.

How-to: Mixing adult furniture and accommodating in a kids space is a wonderful idea. Let the kids have a trunk case to keep all their toys, fitting just nicely underneath the bed to save space. Use soft fluffy floormat and pouf for the soft touches.

Get the Look: Fun way to decorate timelessly, hang honeycomb balls in a muted color for all seasons, available at Red Carousel. You’ll be able to find a quality size trunk at The GoDown, you might bring home more than just 1 piece of treasure!


Last but not least, my favourite look. Not because its black and white once again, this is a fun composure on modernising a kid’s space.

Get the Look: Alternatively, you could purchase this popular paper bag by Le sac en papier that has been trending as a stylist storage bag. Cute little dolls by LuckyBoySunday are available at FredLivesHere.

Hope you had fun reading!


(all images via Pinterest) 


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