Film Photography Made Simple

No photographer am I, but I do enjoy snapping pictures of my friends and family whenever I can. While I do appreciate digital photography, I absolutely love the genuine feeling of shooting on film. Therefore, I’ve decided to put together a few steps that you can take to creating fun and simple film photography projects!

1. Get a camera

old cams

I got my first point-and-shoot for $20 at Peninsula Plaza. Another place where you can look for cheap film camera is Sungei Road, otherwise known as Theives’ Market. However, if you’re looking for something that can give you more control, I’d recommend an SLR. The Canon AE1 is a popular pick amongst photographers.

2. Load up on film


I love shopping for film. There are always so many to choose from. I usually get the regular Fujifilm/Kodak films that cost me $5 per roll but when I do feel like splurging, the Portra’s always first on my list. I’d also recommend trying out films from Lomography and black and white films, they’re always fun to play with!

3. Pick a project to work on

I think photography projects are the coolest. I love how someone can tell a story through a series of photographs and I’m always inspired by how creative some projects can get. Here’s a simple photography project that you can work on.

If projects are not really your thing, that’s fine too! Just go right ahead and snap pictures of whatever you fancy. Diane Arbous said, “Taking pictures is like tiptoeting into the kitchen at night and stealing Oreo cookies.” -Diane Arbus. I couldn’t agree more!

With love, Gene


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