How room colour can affect your mood

Thinking of repainting your walls to start a new year? Here are some tips for you!

1. Living Room

(Photo Credit: Amy Hammon, Pinterest)


You can never go wrong with it. The neutral base is helpful to help brighten up the house by reflecting the sunlight shining in. Feels too cold and empty? Pop in some fun and colourful furniture to showcase your personality. Bringing in some flower vases and photo frames enhance your room with homeliness.

 2. Dining Room

(Photo Credit:, Pinterest)


It may appear to be too striking to become backdrop of any room, but studies have shown that red simulates heart rate and increase appetite. Moreover, red provokes human emotion with excitement which can encourage conversations over a meal. Go with maroon for a more toned down dining environment.

3. Kitchen

(Photo Credit:, Pinterest)


Bright, sunflower, lively and smiley face are what come to our mind to describe yellow. This happy tone promotes concentration, which is what you need for cooking on hot stoves and working with knives.


4. Bedroom/Study Room


(Photo Credit:;, Pinterest)

Green or Blue

The room is no longer a place for people to sleep in. Urban dwellers are bound to bring in a table to study or work. We want this personal space to feel conducive yet laidback. Both colours are calming to our eyes and relieve stress while working. Why not make an effort to increase your work productivity so you can have more time with your loved ones?


Yi Wen


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