Today marks the fifth month since opening. I often asks myself, “Am I doing enough?” or “Are we on the right track?”.

Mondays Off, the whole idea, like I mentioned before was just a dream. I had no official hobby other than dreaming. Now that the dream is a reality, there’s a lot of work to be done and many challenges to face. Like most entrepreneurs face, this journey often isn’t an easy one. A long time ago, I met this successful brand owner, who I admired a lot and living a comfortable life. Aside to all the material things, he is able to support his family and provide much more that is required. Little did I know,

it took him 9 years to get where he is today.

On account of our friendship, he shared that his journey was very much like a rollercoaster, at some point, it halt and was close to bankruptcy. Sounds like a very typical entrepreneur story, but listening to it first hand really got me thinking. The beauty of this story is not because he is successful today, but its because he put so much focus and love into whatever he believes in; giving.





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