We always see this quote everywhere, but only now we truly know what it means.

“Strive for progress not perfection.” 

We didn’t really aim for perfection in the first place. We meant to do what we love and love what we do. Simple theory to exist as only in such conditions we can truly work passionately and discover our true potential. Along the way we realise we may not be the best, but instead of sitting in a circle and feeling shameful about our certain misadventure or short sight, we just keep climbing. We collect praises like our medicine for bad days and look up for light hearted friends for advice. People say we live in a bubble and we dream too much, but I’d say their imagination is limited. But they are not wrong, they kept us grounded, from the levels of “fantastically awesome” and “talentless bunch of mid-week fantasy goons”. 

With all your antibiotics of encouragement, we are proud to announce…


we found our nest where we will run a store and studio starting late February next year. We will put everything (almost) we ever dreamed of in this place where we serve free tea when it’s raining, wrap floral bundles for mothers and daughters (and some men if they request), find fabulous homes for our new upcoming posters, cheer people up with our cards, decorate over the top parties, last but not least, myself to tie the knot with my beau next year.

Every step now is rather frightening, but I embrace this with so much strength and courage. I have to give thanks to the Lord this thanksgiving, for putting me with the right people and the right place, showering me with the courage I never had and showing me the possible in impossible. I hope in years to come wherever I may be, we can touch and bring many smiles and warmth to people we work with. 


That’s truly a wrap 2013. x




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