ImageWe are 100% guilty for not blogging much. We’ve been busy with the anniversary sale plus getting everything else right. I guess I’ve logged in here to write this as an diary entry for Mondays Off and jot down the details of our journey so when we look back we have some sort of an reference, memory, details of emotions etc. 

As its been a year I would like to answer a few questions that people have e-mailed as enquiries, and the usual stuff that people asked at the flea market that we recently attended.

Why Mondays Off?

It daunted on us that a whole community of people dreaded Mondays. We all know why – needless to say weekends are never enough. We’ve throw jokes like “if ever we had a store, Mondays would be fabulous for people to come in, enjoy special discounts and magical goodie bags.” (which we put our name to it, we will set this up when we have our physical store). Target to spread smiles to everybody on people’s darkest days. Not forgetting, its also a day most people apply leave, or “chao geng” /fake/ sick leave. Mondays are sacred in that way. 

Who are we & why?

I am a designer and R is a professional writer, also my best friend and therapist during my PMS days. We have a lot of love in our chemistry, our objective started with the interest in decorating our own spaces at work or home, to pin each other’s walls with encouragement or with a quote of joy or friendly reminder. 

What we envision to be in the time to come?

The Martha Stewart of home decoration posters.

Are we planning for a store?

We definitely are planning to, but as of now till the end of the year we will continue to run online. 

At the end of our 1 year anniversary, we will like to thank everyone who has supported us. We are deeply grateful for all your encouragements and thumbs-up. We will continue to work very hard towards our goal which is to provide affordable graphic art to bring smiles a long way!

God Bless,




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