Graduation faces

I just went out in the evening to get some fresh air, met a few friends and attended the La Salle School of Arts exhibition for all the Diploma/Degree holders. Fantastic work being displayed! I have to say I get very inspired each time I attend school exhibitions, like my lecturer use to say, exhibitions were the best for students; free food and booze and LOTS of fantastic ideas. I must say that there were lots of infographics this year in their projects, it could be one of their requirements to display thought processes. I LOVE INFOGRAPHICS btw. They are great as posters especially when they get huge [approx A1 size] looks amazing as a Make-A-Statement piece in your home.

The amount of effort you put into your finals are intense amount of brain work and its all about really putting your design skillset into tests. I can remember how intense it was to finish the projects on time and when you actually put them into display. For many of us it would be the first time that we contribute/involved in a exhibition and the feeling when you see your finished display is almost indescribable. The accomplishment is just so great and after all the smiles, the introduction to people who visited your booth, having heavy amounts of booze after, only to wake up to…

The beginning.

Yup, like the Carpenters would say, ‘We’ve only just begun..”

Nonetheless, it was great to see many fresh graduation faces tonight. I hope their commitment that they made today for their future design dreams will stay the same in many years to come! [Not that mine has changes…hmm]



Good design goes to heaven; bad design goes everywhere. — Mieke Gerritzen


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